No other situation depends on people pulling together more than disasters

It’s hard to coordinate without the tools to connect with each other.

Community leaders and volunteer organizations often cannot afford expensive backup solutions or their own emergency communications and operations center.

The Ready Responders Network is the Free Solution.

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Because we are Better Together

What are Ready Responders?

Ready Responders are individuals that by day have a regular job however when disaster strikes they are ready to help themselves, their neighbors and their colleagues recover and emerge from disasters more resilient. This network was created to give them the tools and pathway to connect.
 Because we are Better Together

What's Under the Hood? After You Log In...

"The RRN is a critical tool for local leaders and those trying to connect to them."

- William Barlow

Deputy for Information Sharing at Department of Defense

RRN Team

Request Volunteers or Sign Up to Help

Post your volunteer needs, accept volunteers, or sign up to volunteer. RRN members have diverse disaster management experience.
RRN Teamwork

Post a Disaster Report

Use a standardized template to alert members of a disaster that has occurred in your community. By sharing this within the RRN you are alerting members that can help or are helping and this information will inform their response.
RRN Survivor Help

Help Survivors and Track Progress

Enter disaster survivors needs into a standardized form, track progress, ask for help or sign up to help. This feature helps to share the work load and track work so that no one falls through the cracks

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