2021 Integrated Preparedness Planning Meeting Minutes 11.18.21

World Cares Center November 18, 2020

2021 BOG X Integrated Preparedness Plan Minute  



  • Lisa Orloff 

  • Michael Paparelli 

  • Ben Chapman 

  • Steve Ayling 

  • Dr. Williams 

  • Paul Bennett 

  • Lucia Velotti 

  • John Escalante (Team Rubicon) 

  • Patrick Alesi 


  • Overview of Integrated Preparedness Plan 

  • Goal 

  • Purpose 

  • Elements  

  • Review of Prior Preparedness Activities 

  • Review and Update Preparedness Priority Factors 

  • Establish Preparedness Priorities 

  • Review the Training and Exercise Schedule  

  • Next Steps 

  • Review Action Items 

  • Adjourn 


  • Welcome + Introductions 

  • Input on the Integrated Preparedness Plan so that we can best serve your hyper-local communities for the next 3-5 years 

  • Threats, Hazards, and Risks (review NYC Hazard Mitigation Plan, Lucia will help Michael/Lisa) 

  • COVID-19 --> responding within the time of COVID-19  

  • Safe Evacuation + Shelter Management 

  • Civil Unrest 

  • Hurricanes 

  • Tornados 

  • Terrorism 

  • Earthquake 

  • Heat 

  • Fire 

  • Cyber Threats 

  • Gas Explosion 

  • Make full list of threats + decide what we want to test through BOG X --> Match trainings to threats and ask all constituents to take the training  

  • Training Plan  

  • Executing 

  • Gaps:  

  • Gap between hyper-local and jurisdictional responses? 

  • What’s on the near horizon for gaps in disaster response? 

  • At-home COVID-19 test kits  

  • Jurisdictional outreach might fall short but hyper-local communities are better equipped to address these gaps 

  • COVID-19 Vaccines 

  • What can existing community organizations do? How should they be preparing? Should they be preparing? 

  • Moving people + volunteers to use the virtual tools as much as possible 

  • Utilizing RRN 

  • Utilize our trainings 

  • Using correct PPE 

  • What will the Integrated Preparedness Plan include 

  • Which threats will we address? 

  • What trainings do we need to incorporate? 

  • Point of Distribution 

  • Vaccine Distribution 

  • What would the seminars, workshops, tabletops, etc. schedule include?  

  • The main tool we will be using to facilitate the Boots on Ground Exercise is the Ready Responders Network 


Additional Discussions:  

  • In thinking about response + recovery at the same time, we are underprepared for concurrent disasters  

  • In the time of COVID-19, we have seen a shift in volunteers (especially regarding age) --> How are we encouraging older constituents to become comfortable with RRN? 

  • Need to integrate more intensive/hands on training for these constituents 

  • What is our back up plan should we not have power + network connectivity --> how do we then re-input the information into RRN? 

  • Phone + laptop application should be first backup, paper copy should be last backup 

  • What’s the topic of this year’s 2021 Virtual Boots on the Ground Exercise? 

  • Before finalizing, Lisa will reach out to DOHMH to make sure we are not working against their goals 

  • Creating an exercise around concurrent disasters could be difficult but could be very beneficial to communities --> possibly have escalating vignettes 

  • With the second wave, now is an important time to refocus and push the WCC trainings even more so that volunteers can be prepared if/when they feel safe to volunteer again 

  • We are facing a healthcare crisis, especially where healthcare workers are facing lack of PPE and mental/emotional fatigue 


Next Steps 

  • Lucia will get the Mitigation Planning Document and share with Lisa/Michael (  

  • Further define threats, how we respond to threats, identify gaps 

  • Lisa will reach out DOHMH regarding vaccine distribution/at home test kits 

  • John will review DVA and see if there are gaps in our trainings 

  • Patrick Alesi will work with Michael on timeline for calendar  

  • Paul will work with Michael on GAP Analysis for December 2nd Meeting 

  • Lisa will send out invitations for the specific 2021 BOG X Group on RRN (you may need to check your “Groups” section on your account) 



Initial Meeting Schedule  

  • December 2nd, 2020 Paul, Dr, Williams, and Michael have a meeting to discuss the local leaders view of the gaps needing to be filled  

  • December 4th, 2020: Round Table on COVID-19 Safety will be December 4, 2021 

  • December 18th, 2021: Concepts and Objectives  

  • December 15th COVID-19 for Essential Workers Lunch and Learn  

  • January 8th, 2021 Roundtable: Managing Volunteers in the New Normal  

  • January 15, 2021 Midterm Planning Meeting 

  • January 26th, 2021 Lunch and Learn on Radiology Safety Training  

  • February 10th,2021 Master Scenario Listing Event Listing  

  • February 16th,2021 Lunch and Learn 2-Hr Complex Disaster Response Planning 

  • March 21st,2021 Boots on the Ground Final Planning Meeting 

  • April 23rd,2021 Boots on the Ground Exercise  

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