2-4-2021 Complex Disaster Response

Operations Manager February 1, 2021

Complex Disaster Response, also known as Compound Disaster Response, has been a focus internationally and is now in the spotlight as we are all managing the new realities of COVID-19. 

According to The Risk Management Policy Suggestions for Effective Compound Disaster Management, "Compound disasters pertain to events that occur together, influencing or exacerbating the overall severity or the intensity of another hazard taking place. The impacts are more dynamic and complex than they would be if they occurred separately. An example of this is the Great East Japan Earthquake which caused several types of disaster such as a massive tsunami, fires, and nuclear power plant explosions and radiation leaks." 

In current times, as we are all facing the COVID-19 pandemic and responding to additional crises, compound disaster planning is critical. 

While governments are adapting their current plans to address compound disasters, World Cares Center's mission is to ensure the non-profit sector is keeping pace. It is vital that non-profits have plans, training, and protective measures in place to protect our Ready Responders.

"No one expects disaster to occur, but disasters will still occur, regardless of natural disasters or because of human activities themselves. Disasters will continue to occur, so there is a need for massive efforts to always be on the lookout for disasters. Individual and collective awareness of the importance of disaster response is needed. Every person and community group in an area is expected to be able to recognize potential disasters in their respective regions" (International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change). 

World Cares Center feels it important to stress that the Whole of Community must do its part to prepare for, protect, and recover from compound disasters. On February 4th at 1 PM, we will be discussing Complex Disaster Response Planning during our monthly Ready Responders Round Table. We will have subject matter experts in the area of complex disaster response provide insights into the challenges and successes they have faced.

To prepare for the discussion you can take Complex Disaster Response Planning at

We will end the session with a fun and informative disaster related bingo. This is a great example of injecting a little levity into our work and keep our team resilient. We will have prizes for our top three bingo winners!


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