#ItsNotLuck Be Prepared to Respond

Lisa Orloff February 24, 2022

#ItsNotLuck No one should rely on luck when it comes to being prepared for disasters and emergencies. Especially Disaster Volunteers and would be helpers. If you think you are going to help, get ready NOW.  Don’t leave disaster prep to chance. The first steps are to:

1. Be prepared at home, tie up any loose ends. Join us on March 3rd as FEMA presents preparedness tips and resources Pre-registration is required:

2. Know before you go, Understand what disaster response is all about and how you can play a role in a safe way within your capabilities. Click here for a 15 minute overview.

3. Flood Season is coming. Learn more about hazards that exist in Flood Response and the Skills needed to respond and recover by joining us on March 15th for a live session with World Cares Center's Steve Landfield Pre-registration is required:

Helping others is an honorable things to do. We want to make sure that you are safe from harm as a disaster volunteer. Understanding that all people and disasters are different we offer dozens of Free Training on the DisasterVolunteerismAcademy as well as LIVE monthly Roundtable discussions and Lunch and Learn Training.

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