Help Ukraine Now Update!

Lisa Orloff March 23, 2022

World Cares Center is supporting teams on the ground in Ukraine who are evacuating orphans and providing medical assistance. We are also coordinating, training and matching medical volunteers to groups on the ground. Your funds go directly to support activities on the ground in the Ukraine. Follow our blog updates  for updates from Ukraine.

Here is the latest from Allison Thompson with the Third Wave as of March 23, 2022

"Collectively with our ground teams, Exitus, Salam, Sam Medical and local friends we have evacuated 15,000 people including orphans from Kherson and no, that is not an exaggeration. We are also providing food, medical care and support establishing an aid distribution center in Moldova running into Odessa. This is a large, collaborative effort."

Another great group is lead by Dr. Muni Tahzib. Muni and I met in Haiti and she continues to lead team of doctors to disaster zones. She is scheduling rotating teams on the Poland-Ukraine Boarder. Her first team was 40 doctors and support volunteers to the Ukrainian border with literally a ton of medical supplies and cared for injured patients. 

The last group we are supporting is a Russian Orthodox Church in Maine that has sent funds to Ukraine and is deploying nurses. They are in desperate need of tactical tourniquets. These can be found on Amazon and shipped to World Cares Center, 520 8th Avenue, Suite 201B, NYC. NY 10018. We are collecting the tourniquets and will send them with the Nurses to hand carry and deliver them where needed. 

All donations collected will support these on the ground relief efforts and more local group efforts as we connect with them. 

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